Experimenting with Horrormones

“Monstrans: experimenting with horrormones” is a graphic novel with strong autobiographical overtones in which Lino Arruda bridges disability, lesbianism and transmasculinity. The book presents three stories tied together by monstrous figures. Hybrid animalities, phantasmagoric beings and amorphous monstrosities signal towards possibilities for queer embodiments that altogether challenge the limits of intelligibility and question our desire for visibility.




Foto de Lino Arruda, autor de Monstrans

Lino Arruda is a transmasculine Brazilian researcher, graphic novelist and artist. Alongside a network of autonomous publishers, he collaborates in “Fracassando: edições precárias” (Failing: precarious editions), which is a DIY project for archiving, producing, translating and distributing Latin-American zines with a focus on travesti/trans* self-representation. Lino has two bachelor’s degrees in visual arts from UNICAMP (Brazil) and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain), a master’s degree in Art Criticism and Art History from Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil) and a PhD in Literature from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina / University of Arizona (Fulbright visiting scholar). His graphic novel “Monstrans: Experimenting with Horrormones” is upcoming through Itaú Cultural publisher.